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Emilio is a normal teenager who somehow finds himself being sent to the principal's office every other week. He has a crush on Jacklynne, the most popular girl in school, so he decides to run for Student Council President in order to impress her. After announcing his candidacy, Emilio discovers, to his horror, that Jacklynne herself will be running for office against him. Emotions fly high as campaign fever intensifies. Not wanting to lose his chance to win her heart, Emilio devises a risky plan that could come to a disastrous end if the tyrannous school principal gets wind of his scheme.

About the Title _______________________________

Casi [cah'-se], adv. Almost, nearly, somewhat more or less; just. Casi que or casi casi, Very nearly.

Directors' Notes _______________________________

As first-time writers, directors, and producers, we set out to learn every aspect of the filmmaking process, and along the way create a fully developed independent feature-length film. Most films made back home in Puerto Rico are aimed at an adult audience and deal with socio-politico-moralistic issues and mature subject matter. While those kinds of movies certainly have their place, few, if any, have catered to the youth of the island. Simply put, CASI CASI is the kind of film that we would have liked to have seen when we were growing up: an upbeat, energetic, romantic caper-comedy full of heart. It’s a “foreign” film, yes, but its universal themes are accessible to audiences of all backgrounds and nationalities. We are excited about the prospect of a movie borne of one culture but meant for everyone.

Tony and Jaime Vallés


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